Swing by each Friday for a new column by your favorite Change Seven columnists.


Kelly Davio / The Waiting Room

A mix of personal essay and cultural criticism, The Waiting Room, a continuation of a column that originally appeared in The Butter, will look at the places where women’s body image, illness, and disability intersect.



Tom Darin Liskey

Tom Darin Liskey

Tom Darin Liskey / Manager’s Special

A mix of narrative photography, personal essay, and cultural criticism, Manager’s Special, will take viewers onto the streets, behind doors, and into alleys to look at race, politics, poverty, religion, and all the stories of who we are.


Corey Mesler

Corey Mesler

I have been given this space to do an occasional column. Occasionally I will write occasional pieces. And I have been given free rein, if not reign. I will probably talk about books and reading and writing more than, say, crockpot recipes, but you never know. Sometimes I find bliss in the funniest places. So drop by anytime and see what I am on about.


Joseph Mills

Joe Mills  / String Figures: Some Notes on Trying to Learn Piano in Middle-Age (and a few on parenting, passions, play, the passage of time . . .)

What happens when a middle-aged couple takes up the piano lessons their kids abandoned? Find out as author Joe Mills explores the joys, dreams, burdens, and surprises of one family’s decision to purchase a piano.


Laura Jean Moore

Laura Jean Moore

Here will you find: mistakes, bodies, nutrients, and silver. A column is an obelisk; do not expect this one to keep to the straight and sturdy qualities of its namesake. Likely, there will be foolishness, and on a good day, a point. I have lost my armor. I have taken up the pen.


Susan Woodring

Susan Woodring

Thoughts on writing and other mysteries.






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