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"It takes me six months to do a story. I think it out and write it sentence by sentence—no first draft. I can't write five words but that I can change seven." —Dorothy Parker, The Paris Review Interview, 1956
“It takes me six months to do a story. I think it out and write it sentence by sentence—no first draft. I can’t write five words but that I can change seven.” ~ Dorothy Parker, The Paris Review, 1956


Nouns–1, change, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, modification, modulation, innovation, metastasis; transition; menopause; deviation, flux, turn; shift; diversion, break; reform, revision, REVOLUTION, radicalism, revisionism; New Deal, New Frontier, etc.; vicissitude.

2, transformation; metagenesis, transanimation, transmigration, metempsychosis; alternative.

3, conversion; alchemy; REVOLUTION, reversal; transposition; sex change; transference, TRANSFER: CHANGEABLENESS, tergiversation. See DIFFERENCE, INTERCHANGE.

4, progressive, reformer, revisionist, socialist, communist, revolutionary, radical; convert.

Verbs–1, change, alter, vary, wax and wane; temper, modulate, tamper with; turn, shirt, veer, tack, swerve; change one’s tune, whistle or sing a different tune, dance to another tune, reconsider, work a change, modify.

2, transform, translate, transfigure, transmute, transume, make over; metamorphose, ring the changes; convert, innovate, introduce new blood, shuffle the cards; influence, turn the scale or the tide; shift the scene, turn over a new leaf; recast, remodel, revamp; reverse, overturn, upset; transpose; reform, reorganize; come round; take a turn for the better or worse.

3, be converted (into), turn into, become, evolve, come to; grow, mature, mellow, ripen; resolve into; inflect; assume the form, etc. of.

Adjectives–1, changed, altered; new-fangled, novel (see NEWNESS); changeable, variable; transitional; modifiable.

2, progressive, reform revisionary, radical, unconservative, leftish, communist[ic], socialist[ic], pink[ish], red. Slang, commie, pinko.