1. Hi Melissa and Natalie . . . What a great issue. I am so glad to be a part of it! Excellent layout and presentation of everything. I love the variety in this issue. Something for everyone. And I love Karah Tull’s first photograph. The two stories are outstanding. I’m not sure which I like best. And the poems offer a wonderful range and diversity. I am especially drawn to Tim Hunt’s slangy, punchy, southern poems because I write pieces like that too. All in all, this is such a solid collection. No slouches allowed! Malcolm


  2. I am thrilled to have my story “The Company of Women” in the fall issue. The issue is well done, and I feel honored to be included with your writers and artists. Mary Higbee


    1. There are a couple of ways. Each image throughout the issue has a title with the artists’ name and a link to their bio. I am glad you asked this because I’m going in now to label each image in the Artist Page slideshow, too!


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