Seasoned Abandon

In addition to a twenty-year career as a web applications developer, Alan McCoy holds a BFA from East Carolina University and is the author of Left of the Dial, a screenplay about a campus radio station in the mid-80s. His next project, the culinary web series About a Handful, is coming soon. Alan lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Seasoned Abandon / Alan McCoy
Seasoned Abandon / Alan McCoy

.During my third year of college, I briefly considered giving in to my unhealthy obsession with cooking by dropping out to attend culinary school. But life, as we all know, sometimes throws other plans your way, so I instead stumbled upon a career in IT. However, after nearly thirty years of rigidly studying stacks of cookbooks, I’m making up for lost time by pushing my continued compulsion for creating good food out onto the edge of a limb: I’m learning to cook without using measuring tools or recipes. Seasoned Abandon is a series about taking a chance and throwing away control, about trusting your intuition, all while embracing failure and completely ruining some dinners.

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