Is it possible to advertise my new book/journal/bookstore/what-have-you on your site?

We are proud of the clean look of our site and will never clutter it with ads that will slow down or uglify your immersive experience of Change Seven. That said, we are maybe open to offering VERY limited ad spots at reasonable rates for only those folks whose work aligns with our own in the small press (not self-pubbed, sorry) community (ie… indie writers, publishers, bookstores, and others of our particular ilk.)

Author Interviews

Will you interview me or my author friend?

We would love to interview emerging and celebrated small press writers and poets.

Send interview queries and/or suggestions to us here.

Book Reviews

Will you review my book?

We will consider reviewing books (novels, story collections, poetry books, essay collections, memoirs, chapbooks) published by small press publishers. We will only review books that we can read in hard copy format (we’ll need an ARC). No promises are made, however, even if an ARC is mailed to us. We leave it to our volunteer reviewers to decide if they want to review a book or not after having read it. We aren’t going to review books we don’t like, so you should be happy about that. We’re not critics. That said, our reviewers strive to offer objective and balanced responses to the books they read.

If you’re still interested, email us first. Or mail an advance review copy (or regular copy) to Change Seven Reviews, PO 562, Hamptonville, NC 27020. Be sure to tell us by email the book is coming as we don’t check our snail mail very often and may miss your book unless otherwise alerted.


Are you still looking for excellent writers to contribute regular columns?

We’re always looking for excellent writers. If you have been successfully blogging or writing mind-blowing essays or feature articles for a while and are able to produce 1-2 distinctive columns per month, we’d love to hear from you. In no more than one double-spaced page, pitch us your idea for a new column, along with one 1,500-2,000 word sample column. Be sure to tell us why you think your column fits well with Change Seven. We are especially interested in columns that blend personal essay-writing with cultural commentary.


Are you ever going to offer contests, seriously? When?

We think so, but we could be wrong. We don’t know. Maybe. We’d like to. We’ll see. You’ll be the first to know.

Jobs & Internships

Are you hiring writers, graphic designers, editors, readers, human search engines, or other staffers?

We don’t like the word hiring, as it’s far too rich for our blood. We prefer words like collaborating, working together, mutual interests and benefits, hands-on learning, win-win, and so on.

If words like these appeal to you as well, drop us an email and let’s see how we can help each other out.

Submissions/Writers’ Guidelines

I want to submit my story/poem/essay/book review/interview. When and how do I do that?

Read our submission guidelines here.

You Didn’t Ask My Question

I have another question you didn’t address.

No worries. Drop us an email.

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