Poems Celebrating Change

by Emily Strauss

Change One

they say time
moves in a straight line
They don’t look
at round clock faces.


Photo by Emily Strauss
Photo by Emily Strauss

Change Two

leaves ripen
leaves appear
green buds.
in between
winter and

Change Three

the same dream
25 years
and he looks
no older,
but I am gray now.


Photo by Emily Strauss
Photo by Emily Strauss

Change Four

one afternoon
a slice of rock
wall estimated at
50 tons
crashes onto the road
which may open
next year

Change Five

the first rain
after the drought.
tiny grass shoots
don’t hesitate.
now the hills
are greenish.

Change Six

in a flash
two black holes
will merge,
the resulting explosion
will cover
half the universe

Change Seven

she no longer
remembers his name.

her head hangs
arms still
waiting for
. .

Emily Strauss
Emily Strauss

Emily Strauss has an M.A. in English, but is self-taught in poetry, which she has written since college Over 300 of her poems appear in a wide variety of online venues and in anthologies, in the U.S. and abroad. The natural world is generally her framework; she also considers the stories of people and places around her and personal histories. She is a semi-retired teacher living in California.

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