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The Changing Nature of Change

by Ilana Masad .  I love dictionaries. I especially love the Oxford English Dictionary. There are eleven definitions for “change” as a noun and eight for “change” as a verb. Some of the more interesting ones include verb 7.d: “Of the moon:  (a) To pass through her various […]

What Change Means to Me

by Davis Horner During the past five years I have discovered the meaning of change in an intimate way. It means mortality. It’s the reason I write. We move through time and space. This movement is, among other descriptions, a movement toward aging and ultimately, death. It is […]

On Change

by Heather Sullivan Francis Ford Coppola would have us believe that the blood is the life, but it’s really the change that’s the life. Without embracing it, you’re not really living, just wading through the daily motions of life with garbage day bringing a weekly thrill. For me, […]

The Metamorphic Game

by Seth Jani I don’t know what change is…not really. I mean I know it’s constant, a sort of existential default, the shimmy and flux which strangely enough also contains all the static moments, all the stable structures to which we cling. I know that it can be […]

Till and Reap

by Rosalyn Marhatta Writers toil in the vineyard of words, often under a fluorescent sun, sitting at a laptop or holding a notebook, hypnotized by a blank page. We struggle to birth poems or essays or novels, mostly alone. That aloneness can drive us to infuse our lives with […]