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On Clichés and Onions by Carrena Sherrill

“When I stand in my kitchen, and turn the knife with thumb and wrist into the fresh shiny stuff inside, I realize that, like the onion, life unfolds in a similar fashion. The petals of my own peel away collecting in a heap on my cutting board. I can see them better this way. They expose a new perspective on the past, pungent yet sweet on my tongue.” ~ Carrena Sherrill

You Have Changed by Alina Stefanescu

“At what point do the parts we play– the social scripts we pick up in given contexts– become the person with whom we identify? What part of “I” is mine? And why? What does integrity mean for amnesiacs? These are questions which fiction allows me to explore as a girl who has been forged from a distance.” ~ Alina Stefanescu

That Summer

by Debora Black That was the summer Liam took two long steps toward me and put his hands on my hips and brought his mouth down on mine, and it was the best kiss I had ever had—vast, and full of him, and important. He was married. I […]

An Alleyway in Paris

by Sandra Ebner One night, when my husband and I first visited Paris, we left our hotel to look for a place to eat. Unfortunately, the restaurants and cafes along Boulevard Montparnasse were all full, as were the restaurants on most of the side streets. After walking in […]

The Changing Nature of Change

by Ilana Masad .  I love dictionaries. I especially love the Oxford English Dictionary. There are eleven definitions for “change” as a noun and eight for “change” as a verb. Some of the more interesting ones include verb 7.d: “Of the moon:  (a) To pass through her various […]