Submissions Open July 1-Sep 1, 2015

It’s that time again. Send us your work — and make sure it’s your best! As usual, we’re looking for short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays, and art that shows the heart in all manner of conflict. We’ve updated our guidelines, so read them carefully before you submit. Also, you’ll get a better sense of what we’re looking for if you read Issue 1.1 and Issue 1.2. Work that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines may go unread, so please do take a look at the new guidelines. We’re no longer accepting multiple submissions from a single person, for instance, so be sure to send us work in only one genre: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction. Include your bio and author’s photo with your query and indicate the genre in which you’re submitting. If you’ve published with us in the past, please wait an issue before resubmitting.

change7_logo_web_sprngGood luck, and thanks for spreading the word about Change Seven. We look forward to reading.

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