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A Stone for Bread by Miriam Herin

REVIEWED BY KRISTINA MORICONI A Stone for Bread | Miriam Herin| Livingston Press 2015| 302 pages | ISBN: 978-1604891560 On the pages of A Stone for Bread, there are intersections where readers will want to pause, places where poetry and politics meet, where history and human relationships overlap and […]

The Expanse Between by Lee L. Krecklow

REVIEWED BY A. E. WEISGERBER The Expanse Between by Lee L. Krecklow| Winter Goose Publishing, 2017 | ISBN: 978-1941058619 | 239 pages This impressive debut novel from Wisconsinite Lee L. Krecklow raises interesting questions about storytelling and privacy rights. The Expanse Between is also a nifty bit of […]

Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson

REVIEWED BY LYNNE WEISS Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson | Literary Wanderlust, 2017| ISBN: 978-1-942856-07-8 David S. Atkinson’s Apocalypse All The Time opens with an earthquake, and proceeds from there through a series of apocalyptic events, including floods, droughts, power outages, zombies, threatened annihilation through an […]

Sweetgirl by Travis Mulhauser

REVIEWED BY STEVE CUSHMAN Sweetgirl by Travis Mulhauser  | Ecco Books, 2016 | ISBN: 9780062400840 | 240 pages Travis Mulhauser’s debut novel, Sweetgirl, deals with drug addiction, awful parenting, honesty, hope, and ultimately the way in which good can overcome evil.  Yes, that’s a lot to tackle in a […]

Curing Time by Tim Swink

REVIEWED BY ANNE ELIZABETH WEISGERBER Curing Time by Tim Swink | Pegasus Books, 2014 | ISBN: 978-0991099313 | 212 pages Curing Time by Tim Swink is a southern tale, highlighting the struggles of North Carolina tobacco farmers, circa 1957-9. The plot braids together a love story, local folklore, […]