Change Seven Pushcart Nominations

The Pushcart Prize2016_Pushcart: Best of the Small Presses has honored short fiction, poetry, and essays from hundreds of small press publishers, both print publications and online journals like ours, since 1976. We have had the incredible pleasure of publishing so many truly spectacular pieces of work this year that coming up with this list was sincerely no easy task. We are delighted to announce our very first annual nominations. Congratulations to the following nominees, and much thanks to all our contributors this year. You’re all amazing, and we’re proud and deeply honored that your work graced our pages.

Pushcart Prize 2016 Nominees:

Lhotses of Sickness” by R. Riekki

Boiled Peanuts with the Undead” by Amy Penne

Upside Down Women” by Marc Labriola

Happy Day at Exit 346” by Emily Strauss

I Am the Eggman” by Laurel Dowswell

From Feasts of the Sun” by Charles Dodd White

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