Seven Digital Images by Dean Pasch

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Dean Pasch
Dean Pasch

Born in Leicester, England, in 1963, Dean Pasch is a photographer, filmmaker, and poet. Between 1983 and 1987, Dean Pasch studied fine art and film in London and, in 1990, moved to Germany. He has lived and worked in Munich since 1999. Dean Pasch’s multi-faceted work has appeared in print and online and has been shown in art exhibitions and film festivals around the world. In the first part of 2015, some of Dean Pasch’s illustration work will appear in exhibitions in Scotland, as part of the Stanza International Poetry Festival, and at Berlitz Language Center’s “44 Pictures,” in Munich, Germany. His online multi-media project 53 Fragments began in September 2014, and runs until the end of September 2015. The work of Dean Pasch can be found on FacebookTumblr,  Twitter, and Vimeo. You might also enjoy this interview.



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