Current Issue

Issue 1.3                                                                              Winter 2015



From the Editors

Creative Nonfiction

Lhotses of Sickness by R. Riekki

Boiled Peanuts with the Undead by Amy Penne

Inverted Memories of My Father by James Claffey

Things You Do at a Bus Station by Russell Siler Jones

Web by Paul Crenshaw

The Decrepit Chariot by Matthew Dexter



One for Rainbow by Christopher Allen

Welter Weight by Daniel Davis

Rice by Mitchell Grabois


Upside Down Women by Marc Labriola

Encore by Eric Rampson

Double Dutch Christmas by Ilana Masad

Fantasy Falling by Davis Horner


Three Poems by Matthew Phillips

Four Poems by Emily Strauss

Five Poems by William Doreski

Four Poems by Kristina Moriconi

Four Poems by Seth Jani

Two Poems by Crystal Simone Smith

Five Poems by Kyle Hemmings

Where You Came From by Heather Sullivan

Three Poems by James Duncan

Visual Art

Eleven Paintings by W. Jack Savage

Three Photographs by Mickey Strider

Five Photographs by Christopher Woods


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