Past Published Content

On this page, you will find individual links to our archived posts from past issues.

Creative Non-Fiction 

Each New Heartache is as Old as the First by Laura Jean Moore (issue 1.1)

Bruising the Heel by Rusty Barnes (issue 1.1)

Mercy on Us by Donna Vitucci (issue 1.2)

We Learned to Pronounce Prokofiev by Kathy Fish (issue 1.2)

Lhotses of Sickness by R. Riekki (issue 1.3)

Boiled Peanuts with the Undead by Amy Penne (issue 1.3)

Inverted Memories of My Father by James Claffey (issue 1.3)

Things You Do at a Bus Station by Russell Siler Jones (issue 1.3)

Web by Paul Crenshaw (issue 1.3)

The Decrepit Chariot by Matthew Dexter (issue 1.3)

Rue des Indigents by Jim Ross (issue 2.2)

Funereal by Lisa Romeo (issue 2.2)

Fiction Stories:

Dogtooth by Chelsea Laine Wells (issue 1.1)

So Long, Brother, from CLOSER ALL THE TIME by Jim Nichols (issue 1.1)

All Hell Falls from Your Hand by Dale Neal (issue 1.1)

A Good Man by Valerie Nieman (issue 1.2)

Where the Fire Touched Her by Eric Rampson (issue 1.2)

I Am the Eggman by Laurel Dowswell (issue 1.2)

The Spell by Patty Somlo (issue 1.2)

Original Album Classics by Peter Haynes (issue 1.2)

Upside Down Women by Marc Labriola (issue 1.3)

Encore by Eric Rampson (issue 1.3)

Double Dutch Christmas by Ilana Masad (issue 1.3)

Fantasy Falling by Davis Horner (issue 1.3)

The Shape of Loss by Jen Knox (issue 2.1)

Don Corleone by Bud Smith (issue 2.1)

Jean, 1948 by Anne Weisgerber (issue 2.1)

Sanfilippo Syndrome by Linera Lucas (issue 2.1)

Hey Grandmam by Donna Vitucci (issue 2.1)

‘Mid Life by Stephen D. Gutierrez (issue 2.1)

And None Shall Bury Her by Jen Corrigan (issue 2.2)

Sugar Ray on the Precipice by Gary V. Powell (issue 2.2)

Ghost Towns by Ryan Schmidt (issues 2.2)

Poker Face by Michael Sadoff (issue 2.2)

Flash Fiction:

The Black Bikini by Ron Burch (issue 1.1)

Ditch Diggers Tend Picket Fences by Cheryl Anne Gardner (issue 1.1)

Bin Liners are Cheaper at the Hardware Store by Cheryl Anne Gardner (issue 1.1)

dear Petrov by Susan Tepper (issue 1.2)

The Eighteenth Floor by Frank Morelli (issue 1.2)

What You Did To This Family by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz (issue 1.2)

Chafed by Jan Parker (issue 1.2)

One for Rainbow by Christopher Allen (issue 1.3)

Welter Weight by Daniel Davis (issue 1.3)

Rice by Mitchell Grabois (issue 1.3)

On Finding Your Father Is a Ventriloquist: A Guide by Digby Beaumont (issue 2.1)

Two Flashes by Carrena Sherrill (issue 2.1)

Two Flashes by John Grabski (issue 2.1)

Wind Words by Alina Stefanescu (issue 2.1)

Three Flash Fictions by Jennifer Fliss (issue 2.2)

Surf Stories in a Flash by Tom Adams (issue 2.2)

Novel Excerpts:

From FEASTS OF THE SUN by Charles Dodd White (issue 1.1)

The Story of the Wendigo, from ALICE by Sheldon Lee Compton (issue 1.1)


Practicing to Be a Poet by Joe Mills (issue 1.1)

Disco ver(ses) in the key of American Hustle by Jay Sizemore (issue 1.1)

Three Poems by Corey Mesler (issue 1.1)

Five Poems by Laura Jean Moore (issue 1.1)

Two Poems by Roman Newell (issue 1.1)

Two Poems by Hedy Habra (issue 1.1)

Two Poems by Dennis Mahagin (issue 1.1)

Three Poems by Ron Hayes (issue 1.2)

Three Poems by Rosalyn Marhatta (issue 1.2)

Three Poems by Shuly Cawood (issue 1.2)

Three Poems by Howie Good (issue 1.2)

Two Poems by Allison Grayhurst (issue 1.2)

Two Poems by Spencer K. M. Brown (issue 1.2)

Two Poems by Terri Brown-Davidson (issue 1.2)

Three Poems by Matthew Phillips (issue 1.3)

Four Poems by Emily Strauss (issue 1.3)

Five Poems by William Doreski (issue 1.3)

Four Poems by Kristina Moriconi (issue 1.3)

Four Poems by Seth Jani (issue 1.3)

Two Poems by Crystal Simone Smith (issue 1.3)

Five Poems by Kyle Hemmings (issue 1.3)

Where You Came From by Heather Sullivan (issue 1.3)

Three Poems by James H. Duncan (issue 1.3)

Two Poems by Jacinta White (issue 2.1)

Three Poems by Barbara Presnell (issue 2.1)

Two Poems by David Ishaya Osu (issue 2.1)

Two Poems by Ellen Stone (issue 2.2)

Four Poems by Don Thompson (issue 2.2)

Do yourself a favor by Aaron White (issue 2.2)

Three Poems by Brianne Manning (issue 2.2)

1:50 by Pat Berryhill (issue 2.2)

Two Poems by Ricky Garni (issue 2.2)

Visual Art:

Nine Photographs by Rachel Kertz (issue 1.1)

Six Photographs by Rachel Pasch Grossman (issue 1.1)

Grotto by Antonia Maltezos (issue 1.1)

Three Photographs by Eleanor Leonne Bennett (issue 1.1)

Eight Photographs by Justin Hamm (issue 1.2)

Seven Digital Images by Dean Pasch (issue 1.2)

Five Photographs by Corey Noll (issue 1.2)

Eleven Paintings by W. Jack Savage (issue 1.3)

Three Photographs by Mickey Strider (issue 1.3)

Five Photographs by Christopher Woods (issue 1.3)

Sculpture and Paintings by Vivian Calderon Bogoslavsky (issue 2.1)

Five Paintings by Darrell Urban Black (issue 2.1)

Five Photographs by Tom Darin Liskey (issue 2.1)

Twelve Photographs by Ayendy Bonifacio (issue 2.2)

Ghost Towns by Ryan Schmidt (issue 2.2)

This Can’t Be It by Henry H. Hu (issue 2.2)