Happy New Year from Change Seven Magazine!

We hope you’ll enjoy our new layout for 2017, which will feature MORE FICTION, POETRY, and CREATIVE NONFICTION than ever before — right alongside our popular columns, reviews, interviews, and all the rest. In the past, we published three issues per year and maintained a separate blog. While we’ve taken special pride in producing each of our first five issues, it’s time to embrace a fully integrated online format that will give all of our writers as much exposure as possible. The dynamic nature of our blog brought in viewers from an additional 100 countries in 2016, nearly doubling our visitors overall for the year, more than doubling our total views, and tripling the number of “likes” we received. In 2016, we added Kelly Davio’s column “The Waiting Room” as well as Tom Darin Liskey’s “Manager’s Special.” Kelly’s essay “I Was Once the Writer Kelly Davio” brought in a staggering number of views, all by itself! And Tom’s “micro-bios,” which became a staple of our Instagram account in 2016, drastically increased our activity there. Like clockwork, Laura Jean Moore and Joe Mills, whose series began in 2015, continued to turn out excellent essays, highly anticipated by their respective growing audiences. Sandy Ebner, Charlie Nickles, Pat Berryhill, and Sian Griffiths brought new feature articles on topics as diverse as food, music, art, and popular culture, which were also among our most viewed and shared posts in 2016. Aaron White’s guest blog post “Dear Harper, Beautiful Baby Girl” struck a deep chord with our readers, too, as did Marc Labriola’s short story “Upside Down Women.” David Ishaya Osu’s poetry and Carrena Sherrill’s essay “On Cliches and Onions” saw lots of visitors, too. Laurel Dowswell and Emily Ramser developed a literary news series second-to-none in 2016, and significantly expanded the reach of our popular 7 Reads series. We added more reviews and interviews, and we spotlighted artist-activists making real Change in the world.

These are only a handful of highlights from the year. We encourage you to look back through each one of our issues below, and we invite you to stay tuned for all we have in store for 2017.

Wishing you a year of abundant literature,


Sheryl L. Monks

Summer 2016, Issue 2.2

Spring 2016, Issue 2.1

Winter 2015, Issue 1.3

Summer 2015, Issue 1.2

Spring 2015, Issue 1.1




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