Sister by Laura Jean Moore

“We have had our own power struggles over the years, but with her I know the pulls and tugs are just a part of how we move forward together. I think of us like two rocks tied by string and hurtling through the air. When we hit something, we go in different directions, but wrap quickly to the same point. Together, we are a weapon. Apart, we are just rocks. I do not mind being a rock, but it is more fun to be a weapon with her.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

A Dark Graceful Wilderness by Laura Jean Moore

“And so my longest running and most successful commitment in this life has been to myself. When I have had no faith in my country, in our culture, or in any place I have traveled or lived, I have had faith in me. When I have not believed a partner could walk beside me anymore, I have still believed that I could keep walking alone.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

Before and After by Laura Jean Moore

“And so it was in that place that I found my will, my first sense of self, and it was also where I saw once, my father in frustration pick up my mother and move her bodily to the other side of the room, only once, but such that I knew then that no matter what I wanted, that someone stronger could always make me do otherwise. A body lesson I would hate even until now. I still want to make it otherwise. I value my strength, as though my ability to carry heavy boxes and move furniture could protect me from the real threat of not getting my way. Of being picked up and moved. Of being overpowered. Of being raped. Again.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

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