An Interview with Jen Michalski by Curtis Smith

“I don’t make the characters do what I would do in facing these situations—as I’ve already illustrated, my characters seem to thwart me on every level—but I do wind up learning a lot about myself when writing about others. It reminds me of how psychologists say that children play as a way to learn to navigate social situations, that they’re sort of practicing for the real thing. And I guess, in a way, writers are people who have just never stopped playing.” ~ Jen Michalksi

Naturally Political: An Interview with Ann Pancake by L.N. Holmes

“I think if you get the art right, the politics will come along naturally after it. But if you try to make politics the most important part of the piece, then the piece may come off as preachy or didactic and is probably going to have a weaker political effect, ironically, than if you try to deliberately put the politics in there.” ~ Ann Pancake, author of Strange As This Weather Has Been

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