The Election, Publishing & More! Your Weekly Lit News Round Up by Emily Ramser Releases Online Anthology Called Poems For After The Election

A popular poetry website,, released an online collection of poems it feels is necessary following the presidential election. The editors describe the anthology on their site:

“In a conversation about the poet’s role in American culture, Naomi Shihab Nye says, ‘I love the deep attribute of poetry to pause, to look, to listen, to respect, to pay attention to variety, and learn something new.’ After the presidential election on November 8, 2016, we asked our readers about the poems they have been reading to pause and pay attention during this historic moment. Here are some of the poems they shared.”

The collection includes Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones,” Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice,” Ginsberg’s “HOWL,” and much more.

Yellow Chair Review Creates Safe Space Blog Following the Election


Yellow Chair Review has opened up its submissions to people looking to express their feelings following the presidential election:

“Yellow Chair Review will open our blog to poetic responses to last night’s election for the foreseeable future. We are interested in hearing ONLY from those who identify as female or POC or LGBTQ. We want to offer our blog as an outlet and as a safe space to say the things you want the world to hear. Your work will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Simply shoot an email to with your work (poetry, essay, story, art, rant etc), your bio and a photo. Put ELECTION as the subject title of the email. Work will be posted as it comes in.”



In non-election news, there are some exciting things happening in the publishing world.

Johnny Cash, the Poet in Black

Johnny Cash’s poetry is being memorialized in a collection titled Forever Words: The Unknown Poems and is set to come out next week. The collection of 40 poems was edited by Paul Mauldoon, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Princeton professor.

Utah Judge Produces 2 Books of Poetry

Northern Utah judge Thomas L. Kay has been writing poetry for over 30 years in order to deal with the stress of his work. He is now publishing some of these poems in two books. They will be available at Barnes & Noble.


This week, the writing world lost a phenomenal songwriter as Leonard Cohen passed away at 82.


If you can’t get enough cool lit news…

Hong Kong writers relaunch literary group in face of ‘unprecedented’ threat to free speech

Giving a human face to Rwandan poetry

J.K. Rowling ‘still learning’ about writing for big screen

An Inside Look at the Writing Habits of Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Greenblatt

Emily Ramser is an undergraduate studying English, Creative Writing, and Religion at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing, and is expected to graduate in May of 2017. Some of her inspirations include Thornton Wilder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bhanu Kapil, Andrea Gibson, Gabriel Gudding, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Gail Simone, and Alfred Lord Tennyson. Check out her black out poetry collection I Forgot How to Write When They Diagnosed Me. You can find more of her work at her blog.

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