MacArthur Winners, a Czech Zeppelin and more! Your Weekly Lit News Roundup by Laurel Dowswell

MacArthur Winners Announced!

The 2016 MacArthur Fellows include a human rights lawyer, an art historian, a theoretical computer scientist, and many others including some incredible creative thinkers and activists. As President Julia Stasch says of the honorees, “While our communities, our nation, and our world face both historic and emerging challenges, these 23 extraordinary individuals give us ample reason for hope. They are breaking new ground in areas of public concern, in the arts, and in the sciences, often in unexpected ways. Their creativity, dedication, and impact inspire us all.”

The list includes playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, writer Maggie Nelson, and poet Claudia Rankine. On the MacArthur website, they have published lovely video presentations of each winner. Here is Claudia Rankine:


A Zeppelin in Prague for Art & Literature

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art has commissioned architect Martin Rajnis in the design of a huge “airship” as a new space for the presentation of literature and arts programs. The 138-feet (42-meter) long and 33-feet (10-meter ) wide ship, named Gulliver after the hero of Jonathan Swift’s tale, will seat 120 people. The space is scheduled to open in late November or early December of this year.

A Comic Book for Orlando

DC Comics and IDW Publishing are coming out with Love is Love, a comic book in honor of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. The proceeds of the sales of the comic book will be going to Equality Florida and a fund the organization has set up for individuals and families affected by the attack on June 12. Click here for more information and to see a preview of one of the images – Batwoman!

A ‘Book Train’ at New York Public Library

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, part of the NYPL system, is getting a “Book Train.” This 950-foot track with 24 cars will pick up books and other materials from the stacks and deliver them to researchers. Each car can hold up to 30 pounds!

Check out the video here:


Glendale, CA, Resident Opens Japanese Library

Mitsuko Roberts has created a Japanese library at her home. She has filled it with approximately 700 items including fiction and nonfiction books, DVDs, and comic books from her personal collection and area donations for younger and older students to use and enjoy. The family sets up tables and chairs a few times per month with the library items. In an effort to expand access to Japanese language and literature, she has also worked with a local elementary school with a dual-language program.

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Laurel Dowswell is the Features Editor at Change Seven. Her short story “I Am theEggman” was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. She was a copy editor for an independent feminist newspaper in Santa Fe, NM, after being raised and educated in Florida. She lives and writes in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta with her son. She is currently working on a novel filled with oil paintings, family drama, and the spectrum of sexuality. Follow her on twitter @laurels_idea.





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