Staff Changes at Change Seven

We’re delighted to announce a few staff changes.

First, Chelsei Crotteau, who has worked tirelessly as our Social Media Assistant, is being bumped up to the role of Social Media Director. Chelsei has continuously gone above and beyond to help get our name out there, proving not only that she can handle anything we throw at her but that she can actually lead us moving forward. Thanks, Chelsei, for all your hard work. You’re an amazing component of this endeavor, and we’re deeply appreciative of your efforts.

Chelsei Crotteau, Social Media Director
Chelsei Crotteau, Social Media Director

Also, we’re thrilled to announce that two new writers will be joining our staff.

Eric Rampson, whose short fiction appears in Issue 1.3 and Issue 1.2will assume the role of Production Editor. Eric will be assisting with the look and feel of the entire Change Seven site. He’s actually been quietly helping for a few weeks now, so you can thank him for the look of our new issue! Nice work, Eric. Thanks again and welcome to Change!

Eric Rampson
Eric Rampson, Production Editor

Shannon Henesy will be joining Change Seven as an Editorial Assistant, primarily helping with book reviews and working closely with our features editor, Laurel Dowswell. Shannon recently wrote a wonderful review of Ralph Pennell’s new poetry collection A World Less Perfect for Dying In. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already, and say hello to Shannon. We’re so happy to have you!

Shannon Henesy, Editorial Assistant
Shannon Henesy, Editorial Assistant

It takes a village, as they say. We couldn’t be more grateful for these talented, dedicated volunteers to be joining us. We appreciate them, and we know you’re going to appreciate their contributions, too.

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