Down to the Wire: Issue 1.2 is Live Tomorrow

Issue 1.2 of Change Seven will be waiting on you tomorrow when you open your eyes and fire up your portal to this new world where we all now abide. Here’s one more small taste of what you can expect to find. Art by Justin Hamm and a smidge of a flash by Susan Tepper. Shhh.. tell no one.

Untitled by Justin Hamm
Untitled by Justin Hamm

“I am fearful of this malady, dear Petrov. This smell of burnt destruction. Lodged in my sense memory as bitter root. Or, worse. The cause of liver dysfunction, some claim, is a bitterness that will not quell. Why I am reminded of the liver is an oddity. After supper last night you sat and smoked and swore at rivals. They, across the continent, doing much the same, I expect. It is this rivalry of men. It disposes of women and children without effort.”

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