There’s More Where This Came From

Hoping to see what’s in store for our second issue? Here’s a sample that’ll whet your curiosity.


“Marcy’s wigs, however, are all the same color. The smooth jet black of wet onyx. There are three of them and they all have the same style: shoulder length, bangs cut at a severe angle so the hair swoops across the right side of her face, hiding her milky eye and part of her cheek. The wigs all look the same, but this one, the one she is donning now, in the locker room, is different. It’s the one the celebrant tore from her head last night. She knows that the eyes of the women in the locker room have finally been turned toward her because of him. Because of what he did. What they had done. What she did for him.”


Come back Monday, June 1, to read this story in its entirety, and while you’re here, check out the full new issue of Change Seven.


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