Change Seven Welcomes New Social Media Assistant

Chelsei Crotteau, a Creative Writing and Communication major graduating from Salem College on May 23, will be joining the staff of Change Seven Magazine as Social Media Assistant. As an undergraduate, Chelsei served as WordPress Director for the campus newspaper, Assistant Editor for the campus literary magazine, and Copy Editor for the Salem College yearbook. Chelsei was awarded the Publications Excellence Award at Salem for working on all three campus publications simultaneously her senior year.

Chelsei Crotteau, Social Media Assistant
Chelsei Crotteau, Social Media Assistant

As Social Media Assistant at Change Seven, Chelsei will help us deepen our connection to the literary community through various social media outlets, generate interesting and timely content for our blog, and share Change Seven news on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you are not currently following us on these platforms, we invite you to do so. If you are following us, thanks much. Please say hello to Chelsei Crotteau and help us give her a warm welcome to Change.

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