Rachel Kertz Photography

"Farm 5" by Rachel Kertz
“Farm 5” by Rachel Kertz

Our beautiful background photo is used with permission by Rachel Kertz. Here’s a bit about Rachel from her website:

Behind the Lens

I have been in love with taking photos for a while and to my delight, I discovered that other people actually enjoyed my photos as well. Now I try to fill my days with as much photo-taking as I can. There are a million reasons why I love photography but the two most important are:  to be able to stop time and give it to others, and to show others that they are beautiful and memorable. If I can manage to do that for the rest of my life, I will be a very happy girl.

I am a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, with a Bachelor’s in Communication Disorders. After graduating, I took courses in natural and studio lighting and am proficient in dark room developing procedures.

You can read and view more about me at:

La Jolla



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