“This is what a failed state looks like” by Jerome Berglund

there’s a tank

on my mom’s street

her neighbors are getting shot

for sitting on their porches

drones overhead

hovering all night long

but they’re worried about a bunch of corporate windows

let go your pearls and get involved

don’t stand

for this

this is not

the right kind

of kneeling

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Cinema-Television Production program, Jerome Berglund spent a picaresque decade in the entertainment industry before returning to the midwest where he was born and raised. For the past several years he has lived a relatively quiet life, spending his time reflecting, exploring what he learned over the course of a somewhat checkered young adulthood, via writing, poetry and fine art photography. Berglund has published short stories in Paragon Press’s Veisalgia and the Watershed Review, a play in Iris Literary Journal, and poetry in Abstract Magazine, the Dewdrop, Wild Roof, Lychee Rind, deLuge, GRIFFEL, and Ulalume Lighthouse. He recently interviewed the author of Bird Box for the literary journal he managing edits, which has published original writing and poetry from a poet laureate, a Green Party presidential nominee, and a world renowned citizen journalist. Recent publications of his writing and photography can be perused on his website: https://flowersunmedia.wixsite.com/jbphotography/blog-1/