“The Gift” by E.J. Evans

In an earlier life, there was a trail I walked 
for so long through wooded hills
I forgot everything behind me
and my walking felt like sailing.
When the trail unexpectedly opened out 
into a curving sweep of grassy field,
sloping up to a barn and the tops of silos, under wisps of cloud, 
I saw myself at the clear center of the world,
a place wild with emptiness
and in all directions charged with unlimited possibility. 
I kept that space in my heart thereafter,
until we met, and I could offer it to you.
This, the quiet life we cross together each day.

E. J. Evans is a poet and musician living in Cazenovia, NY. He is the author of Conversations With the Horizon (Box Turtle Press) and Ghost Houses (Clare Songbirds, forthcoming), and the chapbook First Snow Coming (Kattywompus Press).