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On Clich├ęs and Onions by Carrena Sherrill

“When I stand in my kitchen, and turn the knife with thumb and wrist into the fresh shiny stuff inside, I realize that, like the onion, life unfolds in a similar fashion. The petals of my own peel away collecting in a heap on my cutting board. I can see them better this way. They expose a new perspective on the past, pungent yet sweet on my tongue.” ~ Carrena Sherrill


Issue 2.1 is Now Available!

You’ve been waiting patiently. So have we. But our wait is over! We’re pleased to share our Spring 2016 issue, which features the work of Digby Beaumont, Carrena Sherrill, John Grabski, Alina Stefanescu, Jen Knox, Bud Smith, Donna Vitucci, Linera Lucas, Anne Weisgerber, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Jacinta V. […]