Tag: depression

Grief by Tom Darin Liskey

The incense wafts in thick coils, creating ghost-like apparitions that drift in the penumbra of this makeshift tabernacle that once served as a barn in southeast Texas. From the window next to me, I catch the sudden flash of spreading peacock feathers. The bird is perched on a fence […]

A Dark Graceful Wilderness by Laura Jean Moore

“And so my longest running and most successful commitment in this life has been to myself. When I have had no faith in my country, in our culture, or in any place I have traveled or lived, I have had faith in me. When I have not believed a partner could walk beside me anymore, I have still believed that I could keep walking alone.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

On Depression and Zombies

by Natanya Ann Pulley The bad boy redneck biker with a heart of gold has to kill his zombie brother (Season 3, Episode 15). It’s not the saddest moment on The Walking Dead. It’s not totally unexpected either. And it’s not necessarily a surprise to see Daryl’s exterior break. […]