Summer 2022

Editor’s Welcome

“After the Pandemic” by Serge Lecomte

Summer 2022 Issue


“Braided Rug” by Christine Williams
  • Austin Bolton
  • Jeff Burt
  • Stephen Coates
  • Dinah Cox
  • Gemini Wahhaj


“Tape and Bottle with Ashtray” by Zachary Mohler


“Water Beads” by David Goodrum
  • Maddalena Beltrami
  • Kelly DeLong
  • Jeff Hyndman
  • Melinda Rothouse, PhD
  • Alissa Sammarco


“Evolution” by Christine Williams
  • David Goodrum
  • Serge Lecomte
  • Zachary Mohler
  • Christine Wiliams


  • Review
    • Another Appalachia by Neema Avashia
  • Book People Talk to Book People: Neema Avashia and Julie Rae Powers
  • NEW! PODCAST! The Change: Conversations with Writers
    • Charles Dodd White

Better Judgment

  • Better Judgment Summer 2022: Love, Grief, and Hope:  Appalachian Literature of the Environment