“Silent Night Bright with Elemental Particles” by Mark Hammershick

Where do we go from here
when there’s no here or there anymore
only the Euclidean descent
of elementary particles
coalescing into quark world
I am the original muon
a fixed elemental particle
which simply is
what it is
it cannot be sub-divided
not like those trashy boys
those neutrinos are not refined
clubbing up with them bosons
fundamental force boys
the only dudes who can
handle strong and weak nuclear force
and that ancient sciatic pain
in my back
gravity defies the standard model
something there is that doesn’t
love the wall of general relativity
yet at the end of the day
and at the edge of the event horizon
I hold you in my arms
and hug you
and in that small isolated moment
when the rancid breath races
and the terror in your eyes
our universe has moved
quintillions of miles
into the black hole
beyond light
silent night bright

Mark writes poetry and fiction. He holds a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and a BS and MBA. He is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area and currently lives in a northern suburb near the shore of Lake Michigan. His poem “The Tides They are Rising on Up” recently won third prize in the Poetry Society of Virginia Anne Spencer Memorial Prize Category “Overcoming Adversity”. His current work will be appearing in: Calliope, Former People Journal, Sincerely Magazine, Mignolo Arts, Blue Lake Review, Naugatuck River Review, East on Central, Grey Sparrow Journal, Griffel Magazine, Voices Magazine, Wood Cat Review and The Rockvale Review.