Poetry Spring 2020

featuring Marianne Worthington

“Manger” by Michael Alleman

“Bad Luck” by CL Bledsoe

“After Saigon” by Carl Boon

“Camp Bowie at Night” and “Everyone Loves to Pay Less!” by Michelle Brooks

“When I Get to the Underworld” by Juliette Givhan

“Posing with Fala” by Diane Kendig

“Sonic Boom” by Mary MacGowan

“God Complex” by Kushal Poddar

“The Distance I Can Be From My Son” by Rikki Santer

“Heart of the Highlands”, “Baptism in the Canyon”, and “Saved by the Beauty of the World” by Bonnie Thibodeau

“Blood Ballad” by Karah DM Tull

“For Beryl Markham, Bush Pilot, Adventurer, and Author (1902-1986)” by Anna Weaver

“Historic Preservation*” by Yvonne

“Borderlines” by KJ Williams