“X is for X’d Out Eyes” and “We Are What We Hold Onto” by Samantha Madway

grinding of
teeth. blinks
Morse code.
embattled elbows.
undisciplined arms.
scared not to swing.
too many strikes,
but still she stands,
hands around the bat
like its neck
is her neck
is your neck
is better than
a noose.
Killer of sentiment, personal life the opposite of poetry.
My thesis statement just a plea, get away from me.
Marrow a poor substitute for mortar. I throw
bricks through windows for valentines.
I reply to intimacy with IOUs left in empty lots.

Solitary confinement in place of study abroad,
pictures of bruises passed off as sky. I make souvenirs
out of dead skin, plan on saying they’re store bought.
Re-entry on pause while I watch the exchange rates.

Anonymity my personal Statue of Liberty,
practice accents to keep myself company,
huddled masses hiding in my head.
Simon says, it’s not sleeping alone
if you don’t have a bed.

Samantha Madway is working on a collection of interlinked poems and flash fiction. She loves her dogs, Charlie, Parker, and Davey, more than anything else in the universe. Though technophobic, she attempts to be brave by having an Instagram @sometimesnight. If the profile were a plant, it would’ve died long ago. Her writing has appeared in Laurel Review, Wild Roof, Sunspot Lit, Linden Ave, High Shelf, Sky Island Journal, Aurora, mutiny!, Clementine Unbound, SLAB, and elsewhere.