“Pocket Moon” by Catherine Karnitis

         "Pocket Moon"

she carried the moon in her pocket
a dead rock smacked with sunlight
a pock-marked cycling-sphere.

girls weren’t supposed to wear clothes
with pockets        they carried 

but not her
she carried the moon.

the moon-less called her erratic, fitful. 

she could always tell when it was full.
she would find herself humming
and sometimes howling.

and when it was new
well, she would find 
herself      in the dumps
with     humpty dumpty.

but she managed to put
herself back together
again    and again    and again

until   all   of   the light
leaked from her          pocket
into her            bones.

waxed   and   waned.

the perfection of her crescent 

the moon-less  envied her.

she    shrugged
and    carried on.

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