“I resign” by Jordan Laney

here, where kudzu overtakes hollers, covers 
creekbanks like a thick blanket, swaddling church
signs, hugging through the rust of broken-down cars 
and abandoned hotels. An invasive plant, from elsewhere, 
like us. Clinging to the sides of the road
draping down power lines, determined, like us. 

I had a dream kudzu was swallowing me whole 
and I didn’t resist. Instead, releasing the tension 
in my shoulders, my jaw, exhaling into the place
holding me, like a bird 
deep in its bower, tucked safe.

Jordan Laney, Ph.D., is a writer, educator, crafter, and program coordinator in Central Appalachia. You can find her work in Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel, Dinner Bell, and in various trade and academic publications. http://www.jordanlaney.com