“#FreeBritney” by Lynnell Edwards

We see you queen and it makes us
free.  We ❤ your every pose and turn,
finally free after years you tried to shout

and scream.  We see you see us,
your adoring. You strut and shine to earn
our ❤ with every pirouette and pout,

thumbs hooked in low-ride shorts for us.
We ❤ the hairstyle, boots, the muscled burn
working it at the gym.  Now that you get out

we ❤restaurants, vacations. You beckon us
and tease with dance moves you have learned,
share sunsets, roses, old photos you have found.

And betrayals too: you post your side and let us
know the truth.  Our belief in you is firm
and we will not ❤the haters and the proud

who have had enough of you.  You are the all to us.
We ❤you safe and small on our screens for now,
and always, there to remind us how we must  
scream and shout and never let you out.  

Lynnell Edwards is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently This Great Green Valley (Broadstone Books,2020), Kings of the Rock and Roll Hot Shop (Accents Publishing, 2014)  and Covet (Red Hen Press,2011). She serves as Associate Programs Director for the Spalding University’s Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing. The Bearable Slant of Light, her sixth collection is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in 2023.