Editors' Welcome

Hello, and welcome to the first issue of Change Seven since our official relaunch. 

Publication might have taken us a little longer than we’d originally anticipated, but we’re proud of this work, and hope that you’ll be as touched, interested, and entertained as we have been putting this issue together. 

We’re still figuring some things out, and you’ll see changes in upcoming issues (such as a robust Book Reviews section curated by the extraordinary Abby Freeland and a new poetry editor coming aboard for Issue 3). We’re excited about what is to come, and hope that you’ll stay with us for the ride. 

We want to thank, first, Sheryl Monks, co-founder of Change Seven, for being willing to turn her baby over to us. We hope we’ve made her proud. Second, thank you so very much to our interns Haleigh McCourt and Harley Crites. They have gone above and beyond to bring this work to the page. We are so, so happy to have them as part of the Change Seven team.

We also thank all of you who trusted us with your work, and who were patient with us as we read your submissions and prepared for publication. We are writers ourselves, and we know the leap of faith it takes to send work out; we’re honored that you decided to take that leap with us. 

In this issue, you will find poetry and prose from across the country by writers who are seasoned as well as those who are just getting started. There is work that will make you laugh, work that will make you think. With Change Seven, we want to create and facilitate a community of readers, writers, and artists. If you read something that compels you, or are moved by an art piece, do not hesitate to reach out. That recognition, that human connection, is so incredibly important and valuable. We could all use a little more of that joy in our lives. 

Happy reading,

Natalie and Melissa