Editors’ Welcome Winter 2021

“7” by Karah DM Tull

One year ago (more or less), we re-launched Change Seven after a long hiatus. We, the current editors, were starting fresh and hoping to make this little volunteer-run operation work. We set only a few goals, trying to manage our own expectations, and set out with our first issue on February 1. We could not have imagined the year that lay ahead. In spite of the chaos of the world, we’ve managed to make it to the one-year mark on the re-launched Change Seven.

In this issue, we’re extremely excited to feature fibers artist April J. Wright. Her work is beautiful and intricate and we have been thrilled to know she would allow us to publish so much of it this winter. Additionally, Better Judgment features a wonderful interview with singer/songwriter Tiffany Williams including links to her songs, some videos, and information about her forthcoming EP that we can’t wait to hear! Please give her a listen. We just know you’ll love her like we do.

Finally, all of us here at Change Seven hope you and your loved ones are safe. This is a frightening time and we truly believe that art can light the way in darkness. In her novel Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel writes about a troupe of traveling Shakespearean actors and musicians who entertain small communities in a barren, post-pandemic landscape. They pull carriages made from old pickup trucks and are the ultimate DIY artists. Blazened on the side of their caravan are the words, “Because survival is insufficient.” It’s a quote from Star Trek, but it rings so true in light of the current world. We keep creating because we must…and we hope to keep enjoying the creations. Because we must.

~Natalie, Melissa, and Doug