Editors’ Welcome Summer 2020

“Cherry Berry Cover Girl” by Kari Gunter-Seymour

When the quarantine began, back in March, it was a major worry that we would “lose the summer” to it.  In fact, what happened was that summer simply emerged from that strange spring.  Now, it is beginning to fade into an equally unusual autumn.  The artists, writers, and creators whose work populates this issue sent us their work in June.  Right in the heart of this unexpected year.  It seems fitting that some of the work is hopeful and joyful while other pieces are more careful and ponderous.  As editors, we’ve tried to find a way to include a full range of the human experience…right now.

In this issue, our Books section hosts a delightful chat between the writers Denton Loving and Karen Salyer McElmurray.  We are also pretty excited about the return of our Better Judgment column.  This one features the artist Cheryl Ryan, whose work is both timely and timeless in its beauty and intention.  

Mostly, we have been so lucky to have wonderful interns and staff.  Haleigh McCourt has been helping us for a long time now and Paige Perla has been a lovely addition (check out her great work on the Better Judgment column).  We also welcomed Doug Van Gundy to our ranks and continue to be grateful for Abby Freeland and Greg Sullivan who somehow manage to wrangle incredible interviews and reviews each time.  It is truly a team effort to get everything together for Change Seven and since everyone is a volunteer, it is a labor of love.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find it inspiring, entertaining, and at least a little diverting as we continue to drift through this bizarre year.

Doug, Natalie, and Melissa