Editor’s Welcome Fall 2021

“Forked” by Cheryl Comeau-Kirschner

I’m one of those Fall people.  I love things that smell like cinnamon and the taste of pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday.  Recently, a seven-year-old girl moved in with me and she has been thrilled to bits to decorate the house with pumpkins and jack o’lanterns and a sign I picked up a while ago that says something like, “Witch, Please.”  We both love Fall, I guess.

In this issue, you’ll find a variety of pieces that might make you feel both cozy and a bit chilled…just like the season.  The school year hit us all a little bit hard this year (after so much time at home, who could blame us?), so you might find this issue a bit slimmed down.  That’s only because we’re all navigating a world in which things are “going back to normal” and also completely not normal.  

I hope you find something exciting or thought-provoking or fascinating here.  The artwork in this issue is incredibly beautiful and, as ever, Doug Van Gundy has selected some amazing poetry. Natalie and I enjoyed the fiction in this issue and the non-fiction pieces were incredibly interesting to vet. Abby Freeland has arranged a truly enlightening and fascinating conversation between Bernard Clay and Anthony Wiles.  It’s an issue we have loved assembling and we certainly hope you’ll enjoy it, too.