“Crossing Under Crows” by David Rosenthal

The crows don’t love this city anymore
than he does, but they’re weary of it less
than he is—their indifferent happiness
adapts more readily to what’s in store
than his contingent comfort does. Before
so much was ruled by time, routine, and stress,
he thrilled to navigate this wilderness,
but now it’s just a never-ending chore
that starts again each morning on the way
to work, when he stops by the old café
and has to cross beneath the unflapped crows,
who stain the crosswalk from the lines where they
are gathered in the dark to greet the day.
He serpentines across on tippy-toes.

David Rosenthal lives in Berkeley, California, and works as a teacher and instructional coach in the Oakland Unified School District. His poems and translations have appeared in Measure Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Teachers & Writers Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, Raintown Review, Sparks of Calliope, and many other print and online journals. He has been a Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award Finalist and a Pushcart Prize Nominee. He is the author of the collection, The Wild Geography of Misplaced Things from White Violet Press (Kelsay Books). https://davidrosenthal.weebly.com