Whiteness, A Study by Laura Jean Moore

“Little white girl on the front porch with evening biscuits in the oven. Tea in her glass and she is sitting on a green glider with her friend’s grandfather. Hey darling, I hear you and your folks are living in Decatur these days. Yessir. Do the niggers give you any trouble? No sir. Well, you must have a different kind than we do. Little white girl drinks her tea.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

American Dreams by Laura Jean Moore

“When I think of my most successful friends, I often wonder if they do not feel as suffocated or as false in offices as I do. I wonder if it is easier for them to quiet their laughter or if they are fortunate enough to enjoy the costume of business casual. Maybe, really, it is just the culture of linear advancement that I despise—everyone competing with each other in pretend congeniality while marching in the same direction. Or maybe it is that I have always had a hard time believing in institutions, and consensus, and belonging.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

Body Talk by Laura Jean Moore

“Different bodies make a different literature. A woman, invisible, must insist on her corporeal self, while a man, visible, can be what is action. I write about violation and blood because it is the experience of this, my body, in these years, in this place. There is no hierarchy of lived experience or story told, even if one body is more valued than the other in the world.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

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