What I’m Saving by Susan Woodring

“I meant I was ready to shore up what little purity I had left, ready to not have sex again until I was married. That I would save what I could. My two pennies. What little I could yet claim as my own. I was happy, beginning again. I felt self-possessed and determined and maybe maybe maybe okay. Possibly good enough, once again.” ~ Susan Woodring

Faith by Laura Jean Moore

“I grew up in the doctrinal Wesleyan tradition of discipleship and lemonade on the lawn, harmonized hymns and church camp in the mountains, singing beneath the wooden rafters of a chapel surrounded by hardwoods with the rushing waters of a goldminer’s creek not far behind. But I rejected these comforts because in my waxing adolescence I divined that my hungry sexuality was not welcome, and my outspoken questions unwanted.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

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