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The Only Girl in the Known Universe by Siân Griffiths

“From the moment Princess Leia appeared on screen, my friends and I loved every inch of her, from her flowing dress to her elaborate side buns. We wanted to inhabit her skin, to take on her confidence and resolve. We knew immediately Leia was no ordinary princess, no demure damsel in distress. A child herself, surrounded by danger on every side, she antagonized her captors with a fierce and unflinching wit: “Governor Tarkin, I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.” Yes, we cheered. You tell it, girl. Stick it to the man.”


On Depression and Zombies

by Natanya Ann Pulley The bad boy redneck biker with a heart of gold has to kill his zombie brother (Season 3, Episode 15). It’s not the saddest moment on The Walking Dead. It’s not totally unexpected either. And it’s not necessarily a surprise to see Daryl’s exterior break. […]

Good Memory

by Leah Senona A good memory is a gift. A good memory is more than just the ability to remember names and dates and appointments and to turn the stove off when the potatoes are finished boiling and to give the spare key to the neighbor so she […]

Courting the Gargoyle

by Sheryl Monks One of my most impactful memories is waking before daylight to find my father, sitting alone in the dark, smoking, the only evidence of his existence the glowing ember of his cigarette and his heavy, animal presence, inhaling deeply, periodically lighting up the corner of […]

A Fearless Coward

by Antonios Maltezos I’ve never been more fearful in my life, so full of anxiety and worry. Falling asleep every night has become this whole production, my two pillows a tiny source of comfort if I can only get them to snuggle me just right. Same as when […]

Swimming Alone

by Sheryl Monks In her eloquent memoir Swimming Lessons: Life Lessons from the Pool, my mentor Penelope Niven speaks to me anew. Though she passed away suddenly last summer, her wisdom and love return from the pages of the work she left behind. I am facing down another opportunity to finish […]