“At the Musarium [4301 – 4400]” by Peter Grieco

Phil & Allen, Caroline & Allah
acquire a lantern factory, casting
the vexed sadness of candles under the 
carpet. Honestly, how beautifully they 
blaze from the ceiling in the parlor, their
mirth spreading wildly across the lawn 
by the pool at dusk, winning glances of 
intimacy akin to what woke the goddess
from piety. But aren’t we forgetting
the treachery that dresses attraction, 
the organs that beef up the soup, the wolf 
in the architecture, the ceremonies 
of sovereignty that successively mask 
an alternate network of corruption?

Peter J. Grieco is former professor of English and retired school bus driver. His poems are widely published in small magazines on-line and in print. His blog [https://pjgrieco.wordpress.com/ ] archives much of this work. His chapbook collection of ekphrastic verse, “The Bind Man’s Meal,” is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.