“Ariadne” by Rosalie Hendon

Red string
like rose petals
like blood.

She clasps her hands,
laces her fingers together,
stares at the string disappearing into darkness.

At the other end:
a betrayal of blood 
with a sword she chose herself:

lover hacking the bull head 
from her brother’s body.
And another betrayal within that one.

She doesn’t know her lover,
whistling in the twisting maze for courage,
will betray her in turn.

Abandon her on an island,
sail back to Athens without her.
Marry her sister instead.

She doesn’t know this moment
(brother in labyrinth’s heart,
lover hunting) is one 

she will look back upon 
the moment 
she was most complete.

Rosalie Hendon is an environmental planner living in Columbus, Ohio with her new husband and many house plants. She started a virtual poetry group in April 2020 during quarantine that has collectively written over 200 poems. Rosalie is inspired by ecology, relationships, and stories that are passed down through generations. This is her debut publication.