“A Moment (After W.S. Merwin)” by Kevin Carey

"A Moment"

        After WS Merwin 
There’s a moment when 
it all bubbles up 
and you cry for no reason, 
the melancholy like a blanket 
or a good country song, 
and you get comfortable with it, 
like an old friend just pulled 
into your driveway, 
or you came by a photo 
of way back when,
and it doesn’t floor you 
like it used to,
but wraps around you, 
reminds you that this is always the hour 
and you stand in the yard 
listening to the last songbirds 
of the evening, the cricket choir, 
the night falling, 
whispering thank you thank you. 

Kevin Carey is Coordinator of Creative Writing at Salem State University. Books include: The Beach People (2014), The One Fifteen to Penn Station (2012), Jesus Was a Homeboy (2016) which was an Honor book for the Paterson Literary Prize, & Set in Stone (2020). A crime novel, Murder in the Marsh, from Darkstroke Books, was released in October (2020). A new middle grade novel Junior Miles and the Junkman will be published in September of 2023 from Fitzroy Books, an imprint of Regal House Publishing. kevincareywriter.com.