One More Request by Lynne Weiss

We are gathering in airports and public parks. Recently, we marched together in cities and towns in red states and blue states and foreign nations. We’ve been making signs, knitting hats, posting, tweeting, calling, and writing postcards. We’re organizing and strategizing. I have just one more request, and it […]

A Longer Table by Alan McCoy

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.” – Unknown  . Whenever I think of cooking good food, my mind usually conjures a group of people sitting around a large table, regaling one another with stories and jokes, glasses full, passing […]

Trio by Justin Evans

  They hadn’t been hiding, and they weren’t hiding now, her parents said—but then, she couldn’t have said what they had been doing, other than hiding half-asleep in the grain shack, waiting for night, when they could finally go out to beg food from the least hostile neighbors. […]