“1984” Screens Tonight to Protest Trump

Nearly 200 theaters around the country will screen “1984”tonight in protest of the Trump administration. “Orwell’s portrait of a government that manufactures [its] own facts, demands total obedience and demonizes foreign enemies has never been timelier,” say organizers for the event, adding that the screenings encourage theaters “to […]

Creator by Brian Coughlan

Such an isolated place. Where they lived. To give directions to a stranger would be impossible. Off the main arterial road everything round here dissolves into narrow capillaries known only by the name of someone’s house, field, or barn. Their place was set on the edge of a […]

The Expanse Between by Lee L. Krecklow

REVIEWED BY A. E. WEISGERBER The Expanse Between by Lee L. Krecklow| Winter Goose Publishing, 2017 | ISBN: 978-1941058619 | 239 pages This impressive debut novel from Wisconsinite Lee L. Krecklow raises interesting questions about storytelling and privacy rights. The Expanse Between is also a nifty bit of […]