Body Talk

“Different bodies make a different literature. A woman, invisible, must insist on her corporeal self, while a man, visible, can be what is action. I write about violation and blood because it is the experience of this, my body, in these years, in this place. There is no hierarchy of lived experience or story told, even if one body is more valued than the other in the world.” ~ Laura Jean Moore


How to Dance Like a Writer

by Susan Woodring First deny everything. You are not a writer. You are not a dancer. You are not, in fact, dancing. You have never exposed yourself in any way or tried to do anything. You are safe in your bed, dreaming. You haven’t risked a thing. You […]

On Calling Myself a Poet

by Corey Mesler I wrote my first poem in 4th grade, a re-wording (read plagiarism) of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.” The teacher made over me. And I had a revelation; I thought, attention, yeah, that’s what I want. That hasn’t changed. In deadly earnest, I started […]

Cheers to Jay Sizemore

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends. Today, as we honor those age-old Irish traditions that aren’t remotely Irish, we invite you to raise your pints to Jay Sizemore, who has published poetry in a number of fine journals since his work appeared with us here at Change Seven. Five poems were recently pubbed with Revolution John Magazine, […]

Corey Mesler Has a New Novel

Congratulations to Change Seven contributor and columnist Corey Mesler, whose new novel Memphis Movie is now available. Check out this wonderful book trailer, and then visit him at Burkes Books in Memphis to buy a copy, where I’m sure he will be happy to sign it for you. […]