Habits, Simple and Austere

“The wilderness is a place you go through, my father used to say in one of his sermons. It is not a place that you stay. He was speaking about Exodus, and the story of the Israelites as they wandered for 40 years, looking for the promised land. I would add that the wilderness is also a place of retreat and refuge, where civilization and the enemies therein cannot follow you. It is where you go to learn the boundaries of yourself.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

Submissions Open for Summer 2015

We are currently accepting submissions of original poetry, fiction (including flash, stories, and novel excerpts), creative nonfiction, photography and other visual art as well as mixed media forms that include audio/video or other interesting collaborations. We are always open to considering book reviews and author interviews as well. […]

Changing My Mind by Dale Neal

“On or about December 1910 human character changed,” Virginia Woolf once wrote. Relations between ”masters and servants, husbands and wives, parents and children” had irreversibly shifted, ”and when human relations change there is at the same time a change in religion, conduct, politics and literature.” Or it may […]

What Change Means to Me by Jay Sizemore

Change is inevitable, unstoppable, constant, infinite, perpetual, necessary, integral, beautiful, chaotic, and it is what makes life possible while also ensuring its demise. Even when a surface appears whole and unblemished, on the molecular level, things are rearranging, breaking down, forming new compounds and wearing perfection’s veneer to […]

Why Iris Murdoch?

by Corey Mesler I am often asked (well, as often as people talk to me and think I might have something interesting to say) who my favorite writer is. This is a thorny question, of course, especially for a graybeard like me who has lived long enough to […]

On Love

“Because without the mess, without the responsibility, what is love really? A catalogue of nostalgic kindnesses? A shallow glow of belonging? While a gentle regard might endear one person to another, I doubt its power to sustain them. Love is too expansive for ego’s boundaries. It crashes through comfort, feeding on the trust of everything that has come before. It holds the present like a gift. It reaches, slowly, for what might be.” ~ Laura Jean Moore