On Love

“Because without the mess, without the responsibility, what is love really? A catalogue of nostalgic kindnesses? A shallow glow of belonging? While a gentle regard might endear one person to another, I doubt its power to sustain them. Love is too expansive for ego’s boundaries. It crashes through comfort, feeding on the trust of everything that has come before. It holds the present like a gift. It reaches, slowly, for what might be.” ~ Laura Jean Moore


July 1944 by Jim Nichols

The word “change” brings my father to mind, because in the past few months he’s sea-changed from an elderly but still recognizable version of himself to an ancient, fragile soul who, if you’re not careful, can become a completely different person in your eyes. You have to look […]

Now Reading

  Change Seven Magazine is accepting submissions of short fiction, flash, poetry, creative nonfiction, photography, and other visual art through Jan. 1, 2015. After that, I’m taking a Hawaiian vacation and leaving the slush pile behind, so get it in while the getting is good.

7 Edgy Delights in the Small Press World

Originally, this post was a gushing love letter extolling some (but not nearly enough) of the virtues of the seven incredible pieces of work that follow. And while the intensity of my admiration burns on, I’ve edited the post to spare my writer-crushes a bit of embarrassment; but more importantly, I […]

Rachel Kertz Photography

Our beautiful background photo is used with permission by Rachel Kertz. Here’s a bit about Rachel from her website: Behind the Lens I have been in love with taking photos for a while and to my delight, I discovered that other people actually enjoyed my photos as well.