7 Reads We Recommend

Last fall, we listed 7 reads from around the web that struck a nerve with us. Now that we’ve grown in number here at Change Seven, we thought it’d be fun to start a monthly list of seven of our collective favorite reads from great online journals you should be checking […]

An Immutable Constant

by Ron Hayes Change is and will always be an immutable constant in my life. As a teacher in an inner-city high school, I have no choice but to accept change as inexorable. I can fight it (as my inner nature so desperately wants to) or I can […]

Swimming Alone

by Sheryl Monks In her eloquent memoir Swimming Lessons: Life Lessons from the Pool, my mentor Penelope Niven speaks to me anew. Though she passed away suddenly last summer, her wisdom and love return from the pages of the work she left behind. I am facing down another opportunity to finish […]

On the Creative Spark

by Corey Mesler I have been asked, from time to time, to say a little something about creativity, or more specifically, how I create as a writer of prose and poetry. I would like to throw some quotes about creativity at you because, for one thing, all artists, […]


by Frank Morelli What’s in a name? A title? Is it a simple attribution for the reference of outsiders? A sound that rolls from the back of one’s throat and attaches itself to an object for all of eternity? Why did we decide that a dog is called […]


“I grew up in the doctrinal Wesleyan tradition of discipleship and lemonade on the lawn, harmonized hymns and church camp in the mountains, singing beneath the wooden rafters of a chapel surrounded by hardwoods with the rushing waters of a goldminer’s creek not far behind. But I rejected these comforts because in my waxing adolescence I divined that my hungry sexuality was not welcome, and my outspoken questions unwanted.” ~ Laura Jean Moore

New Staff at Change Seven

We are pleased to announce that three new members will be joining us at Change Seven! Laurel Dowswell, whose fabulous short story “I Am the Eggman” which appears in Issue 1.2, will assume the role of Features Editor and oversee a new series called Change Artists/Change Agents coming soon. Yesterday, she gave us a […]

I Want To Hold Your Hand

by Laurel Dowswell Change is an intimate friend. A bosom friend, as one of my favorite young bookish characters, Anne of Green Gables, hoped to “confide my inmost soul.” She takes our hand and squeezes, and hugs us when we bleed. Change doesn’t care if we screw up; […]